Roberta Valerio



KOSOVO, Mitrovica
In the divided city of Mitrovica, very few people dare to cross the bridge on the river Ibar, which divides the Serbian and Albanian zone.
In this context of interethnic hate, more than 50 Serbian, Albanian, Bosnian and Turkish women have met every week after the end of the war in Kosovo to talk about their lives and problems.
Together they try to defy the economic crisis and the difficulties left by the conflict all over the city, and especially in their neighbourhood, Miner Hill. For them, the capacity of struggling for their families, surviving in spite the mines were closed and working together is much more important than the resentment for the past.

Now, with the unilateral declaration of Kosovo and the permanent demonstrations organized by the Serbian population, their friendship is stronger than ever. They fight not to stop seeing each other and bringing up their children together whiles others show their support for a new war.