Roberta Valerio


BADANTI, migrant women from Eastern Europe

The Italian expression “Badanti” indicates all these women that come to Italy from Eastern Europe, to work as home carer and to look after elderly people, day and night; job that allows them to economically support their distant families. This is becoming a real social issue in Italy, one of the countries with the highest rate of aged people in Europe, where a demand for help is constantly rising. And the answer is coming from immigration, more or less clandestine..

Most of them are young and are highly educated; and most of them come from Ukraine, Romania, Poland, Moldavia, or Byelorussia. They are perceived as a sort of “safety member” in the family, soon becoming fundamental for its serenity and for the old person well being; but this role is very contriving for the “badanti” as they have to accept strong restrictions on their personal freedom.